Support Partner

Kaitlyn was awesome. Having her around made me feel more comfortable and confident. Hiring her was like having Batman AND Robin. When I really needed help/break she filled the lead roll. The rest of the time she was the perfect sidekick. 

Kaitlyn has knowledge, resources, experience, etc…. What sets her apart is PASSION! She really cares about her clients, the babies, learning, providing support. This was why my wife and I chose her.Having a doula did not take anything away from my experience as the partner. Kaitlyn removed speed bumps and obstacles I didn’t even know about, which allowed me to focus on my wife and big decisions. Kaitlyn left the room for the biggest decisions, which she recommended/did on her own. 

From our first FaceTime call, to leading us into labor and delivery (I didn’t know where this area was), to pushing, to baby in our arms, kaitlyn supported us. Wouldn’t want to do it without her. Not only did I get a doula, but with kaitlyn you get a birth photographer! SO MANY pictures. We are really happy that we have these memories saved. I think in the future we will be even more happy that we have these.


Kaitlyn was AMAZING! She was very helpful late in my pregnancy - checking in and providing advice and guidance. On delivery day, she was a wealth of knowledge and provided a lot of guidance and coaching. Her calm demeanor and experience allowed us to make informed decisions and successfully navigate a stressful day. After the birth, she continued to check on us to make sure recovery was going well and all was well with baby. I highly recommend her services!

Kind Words

Kaitlyn was a vital part of our birth team from beginning of pregnancy to the end. From the ongoing reassurance and check ins, to the support and companionship during labor - Kaitlyn was instrumental in our entire birth experience. She was more than just a doula for us - and we are beyond grateful for her professionalism, dedication, and love for birth she brought to us throughout our pregnancy and postpartum journey.



I had the best experience with Kaitlyn! I have always dreamed of having my birth photographed, especially my first. She was always very responsive, kind and so helpful. Looking back my memory is a little hazy so having these amazing, quality pictures from her has been great!



I found you when a close friend posted the beautiful photos you took. The process was phenomenal and you were extremely flexible! You were amazing with my children as well. Never give up on this because you made me feel beautiful and made me enjoy this experience so much. I truly believe anyone else would agree.



You are so talented! Thank you for making me feel so beautiful and capturing these memories. And also, for helping me get up! It's so hard now with this big Ole belly!!